Types of Moving Companies

When it comes time to move, there are many options for you to choose from. Maybe you want to hire a professional crew to move your belongings, maybe you are a do it yourself kind of person, or maybe you simply want the best of both worlds. Here are a few options to consider and decide which works best for your situation.

Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers can be expensive. If you want them to do it all, it will cost you. However, if you simply want to load and unload, the price is more reasonable. When they do everything, this involves coming a few days before moving day and packing every item in your entire house. This includes each room: kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room, basement and attic. Every cabinet packed, every closet cleared. This is a hefty job and a hefty price. If you want to do this yourself, for personal reasons, you can box up all your belongings and label each one. Then simply stack all boxes near the front door and the movers will load up only what is packed. You must stay on schedule and ensure your belongings are completely packed when they arrive or they will not take what’s unpacked.

Do it Yourself

Perhaps you’re on a budget and hiring professionals is out of the question. Then it’s time to recruit your friends to get the job done for the price of a few pizzas and drinks. You would handle all aspects of packing and loading up the truck. Maybe you only have a few things and stuffing every available nook in your car would suffice, or maybe renting a U-Haul is needed. Either way, this is the least expensive alternative to moving.

The Best of Both Worlds

Here is the best solution for those without a lot of money yet don’t want to be pressured with a deadline. Simply rent a Pod. This pod is a mobile storage unit that can be delivered to your home and placed in your driveway. You can order a pod from a local moving company that offers this service. The driver places the pod on your property and you have a personal lock on the outside. When it’s convenient for you, load all your belongings into the pod and fill it up. This allows you to remove all the packing boxes from your front room so you are not tripping over them as you are still living in your home and packing at the same time. Whenever you are satisfied with all your goodies loaded into the pod, call the moving company and they will come over and transport your pod to its new location. Then you can take your time and unload your precious treasures at your convenience and not all at once.