Types of Moving Companies

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A move, any move, is a substantial undertaking. Even the smaller projects can be extremely time consuming. When it comes to getting from Point A to Point B with the least amount of hassle and the fewest unforeseen problems, it becomes imperative to know the various types of moving providers that are available to you, and select the ones most suited for the various needs you will have.

MoversLong Distance Mover

A long-distance move is basically any relocation of more than a hundred miles. The farther you must move your belongings, the greater the chances are that something is going to wind up missing or damaged. The obvious solution is a service provider with the experience in handling just this sort of moving project. As with any service provider, it is important to get multiple quotes, as well as checking out their reputation online through sites such as Google or Yelp.

Long distance movers arrive at their fees based on the weight of the items moved along with the distance they are to be moved. A reputable company will be properly licensed and insured, with a USDOT number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Local Movers

Local moves fall within the hundred-mile radius mentioned above and are usually confined to the same state. Most local movers charge an hourly rate ($30-$40 is common) and will consist of a two or three man crew. Many of these local jobs can be completed in 3 or 4 hours. Local movers do not require USDOT numbers and are subject to their state’s laws and regulations.

As with any service provider, scammers are rampant in the industry. It is important to do your homework and thoroughly check out any company you are considering. Most will provide free estimates and refrain from the high-pressure sales approach. Any company that does otherwise should be eliminated from consideration. Also make sure that any estimate you are asked to sign is thorough and complete. Incomplete estimates are the unscrupulous method by which fees are magically increased.

International Movers

If you’re being relocated or transferred to another country, you’re going to need some specialized moving assistance. The opportunity for complications to arise increases greatly, and the various methods available to you can have an impact on the final cost. Typically, shipping by sea is the more cost-efficient option, although a slower one. International movers are familiar and experienced in all aspects of international transport, they are up to date on the laws and restriction with the various countries that they ship to, and they can provide a detailed summary of all costs involved based on the volume of your shipment, the method of transportation (air vs sea), insurance fees, along with the distance to the new location.

Commercial Movers

Relocating a company or business is considerably more difficult than relocating a home. This sort of move needs to be executed with precise timing because the company will be down until the move is complete and the new location is set up. Specialized techniques and equipment are also brought to bear in order to preserve the integrity of operating equipment, as well as the preservation of files, documents, and records.

Commercial movers are also able to handle delicate items such as computers and printers which require correct handling and packaging, as well as meeting deadlines in order to allow the company to resume operations in a timely and efficient manner.

Factors that determine pricing for a commercial move are the total weight of the office items involved, the complexity of the move, distance to the new location, and any specialize services that may be required.

Specialty Movers

Some things you just don’t want to trust to the traditional moving process. If you have valuable works of art, antique items, or one of a kind pieces, you might wish to consider a specialty mover for the job. Specialty movers, as with any service provider in the industry, are experienced and familiar with all kinds of different and unusual items. Chances are they’ve seen it before and know exactly how to work with it. Be sure to have a thorough list of everything you need moved that falls into this category and obtain a detailed moving plan for each of them.

Automobile Movers

Not everyone drives their car to a new location. Some folks don’t wish to drive long distances, or perhaps you own a classic and don’t want to subject it to the rigors and possible damage from a long road trip. Whatever the case, automotive transport companies are there to make sue your vehicle arrives safe and secure and undamaged to your new locale.

As with any mover, it’s important to get several quotes and check out their online reputation. Several factors determine the price, including the size and weight of the vehicle, total distance to be transported, the season of the year (summer transports tend to be a little pricier than winter), and the route to your final drop off point.

Whatever your specific needs, the moving industry has a provider available and ready to serve you.